Medical Nanotechnology: Small Technology and Big Impact in Oncology

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Nowadays, cancer remains one of the main causes of death in the world. The utilization of nanoparticles for diagnosis and treatment in all cancers has raised research interest and funding in the area of medical nanotechnology. The daily increasing numbers of publications in nanotechnology report various promising applications from approaches that include nano-drug and gene delivery, molecular targeting, photo thermal and photodynamic therapy, as well as magnetic localization/imaging, which are undoubtedly all important in oncology.

Medical Nanotechnology

Indeed, challenging issues in cancer care include more precise/accurate, efficient, faster and earlier diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. Cancer nanotechnology offers solutions that could identify and target more effectively and specifically cancer cells by delivering nano-drugs with lower undesired side-effects such as systemic toxicity than conventional medicines and agents (e.g., isotopes, dyes)


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