Pathology of Entrepreneurship Training in Iran

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Not a long time that entrepreneurship training has found its place in Iran. Hence, not many researches have been performed on efficiency and damages facing entrepreneurship training. Present study tries to review damages facing entrepreneurship training from viewpoint of entrepreneurship professors and teachers. Semi-structured interviews have been used to collect data, and content analysis has been used to analyze data. The results indicate that following factors are the most important factors which affect entrepreneurship training in Iran: Lack of heart trust in necessity and importance of entrepreneurship in comprehensive development, lack of trained professors, and lack of experience of Iranian entrepreneurs.

Pathology of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is important as a main element in development acceleration of developing countries and development continuity of industrial developed countries. Entrepreneurship approach used in majority of countries in recent decades, has resulted in creation of some entrepreneurship development policies, which eventually leads to development of entrepreneurship culture, support to entrepreneurs, presenting required trainings and performing related studies CRDC. According to the role and significance of entrepreneurship and glorious experience of entrepreneurs in development of many countries, and considering many financial problems our country face, distribution of entrepreneurship culture, infrastructure to support entrepreneurship culture is vital for all nations specially developing countries such as Iran


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