Barrier Repair Therapy in Atopic Eczema

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Atopic EczemaAtopic eczema (AE) is common chronic skin inflammatory disease of pediatric age. Skin xerosis and itch are the symptoms of the disease pointing out that skin barrier alteration is the background condition of AE. Skin barrier alteration could favour S. aureus colonization which in turn could be a process involved in AE flares. Due to their positive effects on skin barrier functions emollient and moisturizing compounds are considered a mainstay therapy of AE. New emollient and moisturizing facial and a body creams containing L-isoleucine, ceramides, niacin amide and rhamnosoft have been recently developed (Pro-AMP body and facial creams). The composition of these creams could act on different aspects of skin barrier defects improving skin barrier functions in AE. In particular L-isoleucine and its analogues are highly specific anti-microbial peptides (AMP) inducers in epithelial cells.


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