A Novel Topical Spray Formulation

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Several different antifungal preparations were used to treat various fungal infections. They are formulated as sprays, creams, solutions, ointment, shampoos, vaginal Tablets, oral medicines, and injections. The duration of treatment depends on kind of fungal infection, health problems of the infected patient, problems associated with immune system and types of formulations. The courses of treatment can be as short for few days or long for months.


Antifungal liquids or sprays (topical antifungals) can be used to treat skin fungal infections, scalp and nails. These antifungal drugs can cause various type of adverse effect such as burning or redness at the site of application. It was reported that 80 endophytic fungi were isolated from GKB, they were active against the chosen fungi using the agar diffusion method. The study indicated that GKB could be used as a fungicide to defend host plants against pathogenic organisms. GKB has antifungal activity against some kind of endophytic. GKB extract holds flavonoid glycosides and unique terpene lactones as main active constituents.


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