Is Concurrent Training Good for Health and Fitness?

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In the past decades, American college of sports medicine (ACSM) published annually position stands regard to how to train for healthy life. It repeatedly demonstrated emphasis on aerobic training in 3-4 days or more days for Guarantied and safe method of health promotion in all of the individuals. Of course, aerobic training is a priority among a variety of training because of its impact on cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition.


These are very important for maintaining physical health and quality of life. However, its benefits shouldn’t overestimate. Since human body is composed of many systems and these systems cooperate together for normal homeostasis and best performance encountering different environmental factors, other systems especially muscular system must be considered. Purely emphasis on aerobic training will not along with completely achievements. Skeletal muscles performance leads to locomotion, movement and vital tasks in life. Therefore, it seems that only aerobic or endurance training isn’t enough for all benefits. Based this, many studies reported that a method of training defined as concurrent or combined training can induce cardio-respiratory and muscular adaptations. Simultaneously, this method consequently will bring more benefits with effect on aerobic power, muscle performance (endurance and strength and hypertrophy) and body composition. Of them, endurance and strength are principal components of health related fitness. Endurance is divided to cardio-respiratory endurance and muscular endurance.


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