Tacrolimus-responsive lichen striatus

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Lichen striatus (LS) is a moderately extraordinary, self-constrained, straight dermatosis of obscure etiology that fundamentally influences youngsters. A direct emission comprising of bunched, level, pink-cocoa papules along Blaschko lines is its trademark clinical component. Histologic assessments of skin biopsies recommend a T-lymphocyte interceded safe response against keratinocytes.


Conclusion is built up on the particular clinical appearance and circulation example of the cutaneous sores. Because of the self-constrained nature of the infection, treatment is not obligatory, unless there is noteworthy pruritus or mental inconvenience. Different helpful methodologies have been striven for the treatment of LS. Fast recuperating without cutaneous sequela like decay or hypopigmentation was seen in the patient treated with tacrolimus.


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