Applying at a distance of meditation Tong Len on a group of cancer patients to measure the psychological effects

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The Tibetan medicine tradition considers Tong Len meditation an essential therapeutic tool that can be used for self-healing and/or to heal others. To date, scientific papers have not yet investigated the distance effects of Tong Len meditation performed by a group of meditators upon a group of patients affected by cancer-related anxiety, depression and stress. So far, some studies revealed the existence of distant healing effects when there are empathic connection and deep acquaintanceship between healers and recipients.

psychological effects to the cancer patient

This research, by contrast, inspects the presence of a distant psychological healing effect without any empathic bond between meditators and patients. The present paper is a doubleblind randomized controlled trial on 103 cancer patients (7 males and 96 females) that are receiving treatment at the Oncology Department of Bellaria Hospital (Bologna, Italy). All patients are at least 18 years old and they don’t need psychological treatment, according to the oncologist’s judgement. The prevalence of women in the sample is legitimized because this Oncology Department treats mainly breast cancers.


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