Synthesis of Photoactive SPIONs Doped with Visible Light Activated Photosensitizer

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Nanomaterials are basically those nanoparticles whose properties are evident by the nano objects they have. Among the nanomaterials reported so for the metal oxide nanoparticles have shown great significance because of potential applications of these nanoparticles in various applications. A lot of research studies have been focused on the use of a variety of metal oxide nanoparticles but recently the use of Magnetic metal oxide has shown great attraction as these magnetic metal oxides with modified surface as well as core.


These nanoparticles are the potential next generation anticancer agents along with their use in various other diagnostic assays such as MRI contrast agents, hyperthermia, cell differentiation and targeted drug delivery. Agglomeration of nanoparticles is the major demerit of these nanoparticles as it results in loss of magnetic efficiency, activity and rapid elimination. Thus to overcome these challenges and to maintain the superparamagnetic behavior along with high stability of magnetic metal oxide nanoparticles we have taken iron oxide nanoparticles as these particles avoid ferromagnetic agglomeration and due to being sterically 30 stable these particle don’t agglomerate in physiological media In environment iron oxide basically exit in iron (II) and iron (III) oxidation state.


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