The Creation of Value in Pharmaceutical Firms

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The firm’s organizational profile plays an important role in long term competitive success of a pharmaceutical company. In fact, the appropriate size and qualification of an organization, in terms of both human resources and processes, unite to control the effectiveness and efficiency of the firm, and so, keep the company in a position of lasting economic equilibrium. In addition, it is known that an organization, irrespective of the people who, over time, have been a part of it, benefits from a degree of know-how, experience and learning which together act as a lever for competitive success: an intangible attribute that is almost independent from the position of the firm at any given time.

Pharmaceutical Firms

Therefore, it would not be rash to consider a firm as a superstructure in which people, processes and know-how are each only one part, even if integrated, of the total organization. This perspective is valid and represents an important success lever even if it is directed towards pharmaceutical firms whose organizational profile is affected by the current model of scientific information. Functional capacities of a pharmaceutical firm continue throughout product development phase, from production to the actual sale.


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