Optimal Dose and Modality of Exercise in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease: A Review

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Coronary artery disease is still the number one cause of death worldwide at 13.2% of all deaths. As our first responder programs improve and medical technologies advance, the world will continue to see a substantial growth in patients surviving acute coronary events and living with coronary artery disease. With the established effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation programs, there has been a call for the optimization of the exercise and dose prescribed in cardiac rehabilitation.


The latest cardiac rehabilitation guidelines have reflected some of this research on optimization of exercise protocols by incorporating resistance training exercises into what once was only an aerobic exercise protocol. The American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines were last update in 2007 for cardiac rehabilitation secondary prevention programs. These guidelines require rigorous methodology for formulating the recommendations, establishing applicability when it comes to implementation, mortality benefits and many other factors.


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