Book Review 12 Strategi Elak Bisnes Gagal (Malay Version)

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Also helpful to entrepreneurs who want to equip themselves before starting a business, this book can serve as a potent antidote to entrepreneur who is or was a second failure. Through this book, we can identify the thing that is the cause of the failure. Business failure is common due to the existence of a less knowledgeable entrepreneurs is commonplace as well. If entrepreneurs have mastered the knowledge, business failure is certainly not going to become commonplace.

Elak Bisnes Gagal

In many strategies that can be used to develop a business, strategy to realize the business plan can be the first strategy that needs to be done. This is because the business plan is an important document that contains information about a business. Even in the business plan itself, there were also strategies that are expected to be implemented. The business plan itself should be a useful strategy to ensure the success of our business. If we ever take a course on entrepreneurship, one of the main training we ever follow the practice of preparing business plans. Through the provision of a business plan, we are currently drafting a business trip for the future.


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