Electrolytic Metal Manganese Industry in Chongqing City of China

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Electrolytic metal manganese (EMM) is the main industry for Chengchow and Xiushan countries in Chongqing, which accounts for local GDP about 85% and 75% respectively. In 2013, hydrometallurgical produced about 200 thousand tons EMM from about 2.0 million tons ore. But the Energy consumption is over 6000 kwh per ton of metal with the DC electrolytic efficiency of less 75%, and simultaneously producing 10 ~ 12 tons of solid residue. With the development of the EMM, the manganese content of the ore continuously decreased to 13%, and impurities in the ore become complex. The present article introduces the current status of the local industry in Chongqing, scientific advances and problems are also discussed. The sustainable development is necessary for the local EMM industry; new products related to manganese industry are also proposed.

Electrolytic Metal Manganese Industry

Manganese is an important element for iron-steel industry, and it is widely said “no manganese, no steel”. There are hydrometallurgical and pyro metallurgical routes for the processing manganese ore. Hydrometallurgical processes can meet this demand with low content manganese ore. The actual output in 2013 was 1.1 million tons of EMM, down by 60,000 tons or 5.2% over 2012 (Figure 1). Although the decrease for a succession of two years was unprecedented in the Chinese EMM industry, it is still the biggest producer in the world, accounting for over 98.5% of the total output in the world.


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