Psychosocial Impact and Quality of Life among Adult Egyptian Patients with Psoriasis

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There is a common misperception that skin diseases are somehow less serious than other medical illnesses. This can be attributed to the fact that skin disorders are often chronic but not life-threatening, so the perceived impact on the patient is more likely to be minimized in the minds of health professionals, policy makers, and the general public. Itching and pain interfere with periods of rest and sleeping. Further, there is a link between severe psoriasis and an increased risk of early death. Although, much of the world’s population finds psoriasis is a trivial matter requiring little understanding or sympathy.


In absence of the complete cure, aim of treatment is to minimize the extent and severity of disease and to reduce its impact on patients’ quality of life (QOL). The strongest impact of psoriasis on patients’ QOL is frequency of exacerbations. Psoriasis treatment adds substantial costs to the health care system. Moreover, psychological stress and a vicious circle may ensue following deterioration of the disease.


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