Know the best procedure for facial hair transplantation

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Hair restoration has long been thought of as restoring hair predominantly in the scalp in men and women who have lost hair for various reasons. Advances in hair restoration techniques have made it possible to transplant hair in non-scalp areas of the face where patients may have never had hair. Refinements in techniques have allowed for the restoration of beard hair and eyebrow hair with very natural appearing results. Pick up any of the latest fashion magazines and you see female models with thick, full eyebrows, or men sporting full beards.

In part, due to these fashion and culture trends, along with advancements in techniques that we have developed, our practice has seen a large increase in the demand for beard and eyebrow restoration. This article describes the pre-operative evaluation, operative technique and post-operative care developed from the experience of over 1,000 procedures in facial hair restoration.


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