Nano-particles for Cosmetic Use: Particle Sizing, Cytotoxicity Test, and Facial Gesture Monitoring Model

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Nanoparticles for Cosmetic Use

Nano-particle for medicine and health has been widely used in various applications, where firstly silver can be used for natural antibiotic, cold, flu infection prevention, anti-inflammatory, boost the immune system, reduction in bodily toxins, more energy, vitality, vigor, relaxation, faster healing. Secondly, gold can be used for treatment in pain and swelling arthritis, sedative properties, reduce size of tumors, alleviate pain, improve appetite and digestion, increase weight and strength, enhance brain function, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenger and dehydrogenate, and finally, platinum can be used for enhances mental acuity, supports healthy generation of the heart tissue, thymus and the entire endocrine system, increases creativity, increases mental focus and concentration, promote lucid dreaming/mental clarity/meditative sates, promotes improve memory, support DNA repair, increase libido in both males and females, platinum is an antidepressant, restorative properties. Recently, nano-particles have also been involved in many areas of applications, where the wide use of them are seen. Generally, nanoparticles are the compound materials, where the extraction (preparation) techniques are required, from which the fundamental particle size is formed and obtained, which can be suitable for various applications.

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