Improvement of Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial Effects of Combined Crude Drug Extracts Including Barafu on Atopic Dermatitis

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Mainly occurring in infants and children, atopic dermatitis is chronic recurrent inflammatory dermatologic disease, accompanying severe itching sensation and skin eczema. It is known as one of the representative allergic diseases along with asthma, allergic rhinitis and chronic urticaria. Atopic dermatitis starts from infant eczema through local portions including inner elbow side and posterior knee side in children to the whole body in adulthood, showing aggravation of symptoms and chronic progress. Recently in Korea, it has occurred in 34% of kindergarteners and 25% of elementary school students, and the rates continue to rise.

Crude Drug

The biggest characteristics of atopic dermatitis are severe itching sensation and extremely sensitive reactivity to external stimulus or allergic provocating agents. Scratching of skin due to itching sensation can result in eczematous changes of skin; acute eczema in head, face, abdomen and the upper and lower extremity that forms red, moist and greasy scabs; eczema in forehead, periophthamic, periauricular and extremity flexure portion that thickens and dry the skin; xeroderma; papillary eczema of hand and foot, lichenoid keratosis, etc.


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