Targeted Theranostic Approach for Glioma Using Dendrimer-Based Curcumin Nanoparticle

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The deliveries of anti-cancer agents to brain tumors represent a challenge because the blood-brain tumor barrier (BBTB) effectively limits the delivery of many agents. A new generation 3 (G3) dendrimer-based curcumin (Curc) conjugate was synthesized. The synthesized G3-Curc conjugate demonstrated full solubility in aqueous media.

Curcumin Nanoparticle

The in vitro study revealed that G3-Curc nanoparticles were internalized into glioma U-251 cells. Systemic delivery of G3-Curc conjugate led to preferentially accumulation in an orthotopic preclinical glioma model minimizing systemic toxic effect. Multicolor microscopy images of the tumor tissue showed that G3-Curc particles were internalized inside tumor cells selectively and further localized within nuclei. Enhanced bioavailability of G3-Curc conjugate was also observed with improved therapeutic efficacy against different cancers cells.


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