The Contribution of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth of Nigeria Disaggregated Approach

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For decades the relationship between public sector expenditure and economic growth has continued to occupy series of debate among researchers and policy makers. The common consensus among the researchers is that public sector expenditure has been identified as an important instrument which the government uses to influence the performance of the economy. The channel through which public authorities satisfy the collective want of the people can be classified under public sector expenditure.


Salawu observed that public expenditure is the expenses incurred by the government for the maintenance of itself, the economy and the society at large. Public expenditure is an important mechanism which the government uses to pilot significant effects on the general growth of the economy. Anyanwu observed that public expenditure is simply government spending from revenue derived from taxes and other sources. Again, the study articulated that public expenditure is centered on expenses contracted on government own maintenance for the growth and stability of the general economy. Another study by Anyanwu noted that public expenditure is that part of fiscal tools that embraces and puts to use judiciously, all revenue generated from all sources, for the growth and installed system in the economy.


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