Structure of Students Hierarchical Management Potential

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The purpose of this study was to determine management potential of students. In this case the students are future, not only professionals, but managers as well, both within their professional domains and wider in the society. Social relations are established on the basis of relations between individuals in compliance with their goals and interests. Therefore, the initial survey collected the indicators that showed the degree of individual management potential.


After that these indicators were placed in relations, which, after factor analysis, resulted in obtaining the final set of management mechanisms. Four mechanisms were recorded, i.e. four global modes of student’s actions within the area of resource management and identified as: leadership, management, opportunism and delegation. Organizing companies, schools, governing bodies, corporations, etc., in order to achieve efficiency is inevitably followed by some general patterns of structuring and management. It is obvious that the results of this study can significantly improve many aspects of planning, design and implementation of organizational models.


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