Cervical Kinematics of Fast Neck Motion across Age

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Fast Neck Motion

To evaluate the velocity, smoothness, and symmetry of fast cervical motion in asymptomatic individuals of four age groups, and to investigate the relationship between age and these measures. Cross-sectional study with fifty-eight asymptomatic volunteers (28 F, 30 M), aged 18-80 (mean age=44.14 ± 17.35) were assessed using a customized Virtual Reality (VR) system. VR head-mounted display stimulated fast neck movements in response to virtual targets appearing randomly.

Outcome measures were neck motion velocity, smoothness, and symmetry of velocity profile. The eldest group differed from younger age groups in peak and mean velocity of neck motion. Smoothness demonstrated age-group difference only between the youngest and oldest groups. Linear regression analysis showed significant negative correlations in mean and peak velocity, and in smoothness with age, excluding smoothness in right rotation. No age-group differences and no significant correlations were found for time-to-peak velocity in all directions of neck movement (p>0.05).


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