Efficacy of Comprehensive Preoperative Pulmonary Rehabilitation Including Intensive Nutritional Support through an Interdisciplinary Team Approach

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Since surgical resection is the treatment of choice for localized lung cancer, developing an effective strategy to reduce the risk of postoperative complications caused by insufficient preoperative preparation is important; therefore, improving general and physical conditioning preoperatively should be considered essential for patients scheduled to undergo lung surgery. Pulmonary rehabilitation has been demonstrated to be a beneficial intervention for improving pulmonary conditions; however, the duration of a standard program has generally been 6-12 weeks.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Thus, an effective, short-term, preoperative pulmonary rehabilitation program should be adopted, because patients with malignant disease should undergo surgery without delay. We had demonstrated that our specific preoperative rehabilitation protocol showed a beneficial effect; however, the assessment was conducted using the data including historical control. Therefore, we carried out the reassessment of the efficacy of our specific preoperative pulmonary rehabilitation protocol using the prospectively collected data.


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