The Clinical Effectiveness of Using Kinesio Tape Following Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Surgical removal of third molars (3M) is a routine, low risk procedure. Common post-surgical symptoms are typically swelling, pain and trismus. Kinesiology Taping (KT) is a relatively new treatment option in musculoskeletal pathologies and some of the hypotheses of KT is that it reduces pain, oedema and increases blood flow; however current evidence does not support its use.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Patient A underwent a routine removal of 3 third molars via general anaesthetic. A post-surgical lymphatic drainage KT application was applied to the patient’s lower mandible and masseter region. Results showed a significant reduction in pain, swelling and trismus was also reduced. The post op recovery time was decreased from the post op material of 10 days to 5 days; therefore suggesting that KT is potentially an effective treatment following surgical removal of wisdom teeth.


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