Spices as Potent Antimicrobial Agents

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Spices are used traditionally from ancient days as flavoring agents, food additives, food preservatives and in folk medicines. Spices are obtained from different plant parts such as fruits, leaves, buds, seeds, bark and rhizomes. It is noted that India is called “Land of Spices” as about sixty-three different varieties of spices are grown here.

Antimicrobial Agents

The plant-derived oils are a rich source of bioactive compounds such as carvacrol, eugenol, cineole, cinnamaldehyde, limonene, geraniols, limonene, cuminaldehyde, menthol, thymol, citral, terpineol, vanillin, perillyl alcohol, vanillin and others with a strong medicinal value. Major issues, such as poor aqueous solubility and volatility due to the lipophilic nature of these essential oils, still remain a major concern with respect to the usage of these bioactive components. To overcome these disadvantages, nano carriers are exploited in recent times and studied in depth.


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