Improvement in Hair Loss and Better Hair Quality with Vitamin Therapy in Monilethrix

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Monilethrix or beaded results from a genetic abnormality of defective hair shaft formation. The altered genetics leads to improper, inefficient, incorporation of structural proteins, minerals during hair shaft formation resulting in weak, brittle hair. Other hair shaft disorders like pili torti, pili trianguli, trichorrhexis nodosa, trichorrhexis invaginata and pili annulati, rolled hair and circular hair are reported to be associated with vitamin, mineral, amino acid deficiencies. The nutritional etiology can be recognized as a common thread. Combined nutritional deficiencies can lead to occurrence of more than one hair shaft disorder in the same patient.

Hair Quality

Hair shaft disorders are also diagnostic of certain mineral deficiencies. Temporary benefit in hair shaft disorders has been reported with the use of minoxidil 2%, acitretin, retinoid, N-acetyl cysteine and iron supplementation. The genetic disorder may not be amiable to correction; however nutritional deficiencies or imbalance can be corrected to produce hair of better strength and better quality. We report improvement of hair shaft structure and reduced hair breakage in case of Monilethrix with use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and suggest that nutritional correction can offer relief to patients with hair shaft disorders with the understanding that it will be a better hair care though not a cure. The program delivers wellness, good health as well as hair growth without use of any oral medication and without the fear of side effects.


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