The Ultrasound-Guided Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis for the Treatment of Refractory-Neovascular Patellar Tendinopathy

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Refractory patellar tendinopathy (RPT) is a chronic disease with progressive degeneration of extracellular matrix, microtearing, and loss of tendon microarchitecture as a hallmark.

The essential pathologic lesion of tendinopaty is often described as a failed healing response of Neovascular Patellar Tendinopathythe tendon, and persistence of the lesion is attributed to the tissue anchored in the proliferative or angiogenic phase, as shown in histopathology.

Structural findings of collagen degeneration and angiofibroblastic neoplasia have been well described and are now referred to as “neovascular tendinosis.” The presence of neovascularization has been theorized to cause pain in patients with tendinopathy.


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