A Case of Allergic Skin Reaction to Mandragora Radix

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Mandragora Radix

A 32-year-old man was admitted to our outpatient clinic with erythema and pruritus on his fore
arm 10-12 days after first applying the sap of mandragora radix. Dermatological examination revealed irregular bordered, erythematous, edematous plaque with mild desquamation extending from wrist to the distal region of inner surface of right upper extremity.

He was diagnosed as allergic contact dermatitis to mandragora radix. Mandragora is a solanaceous plant that contains the alkaloids mandragorine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine and more than 80 substances. It has been used as a sedative, aphrodisiac, emetic analgesic and an anesthetic for surgical purposes. Mandragora officinarum induced allergic contact dermatitis has not been reported previously in literature.


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