Recent Progresses in Hair Research

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Both male and female suوٴer from hair loss. Bald head sometimes personLٽes the age of the people, which is most undesired trend among mid-aged people. However, alopecia is treatable through a process called ‘hair transplantation’. Нe procedure involves transfer of intact hair follicles from hairy part of body to the less haired or bald region.


A hair transplant can help bring back what looks like a full or at least a fuller head of hair. Нe same procedure is applied for the restoration of eyebrows, chest hair and eyelashes. Нe present Journal of Hair НerDp\ & Transplantation Volume 6, Issue 2 documented the clinical eوٴect of tropical lipoid Cepharanthine (CEP) on hair growth and to treat hair problems, Hair Up™ treatment, elucidated the cellular hair bulb stimulation brought about by miliacin associated lipids.


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