Studies on Different Doped Zn Concentrations of CdSe Thin Films

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The formation of solid solutions in semiconductors is of great interest, since it yields new semiconducting materials such as ternary alloys. One of these, CdSe:Zn is particularly interesting for realization of electronic and applications for novel opto-electronic devices in the visible region of electromagnetic radiation.

Doped Zn Concentrations of CdSe Thin Films

The (ZnCd) Se system which enables a tuneable band gap region between 1.72 and 2.82 eV at normal temperature facilitates the development of several new electronic pulsations for light emitting diodes, photo detectors, blue green lasers, etc.. As a wide band gap (2.42 eV at the room temperature) II-VI semiconductor, CdS is an excellent material that can be used for optoelectronic applications, such as nonlinear optics and light-emitting diodes. CdS is also a good active optical waveguide material and has electrically driven laser properties, which may find wide applications in telecommunications and data storage, highly integrated chemical/biological sensors, near-field optical lithography, and scanning probe micro copy. In addition, CdS is an efficient window material for solar cells such as those based on Cu2S, CdTe, CuInSe2, or CuInTe2. Thin films of these materials are usually synthesized by molecular beam epitaxy, electron beam evaporation and chemical method.

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