Radiographic Density and Contrast of Images of Individual Films from Double Film Packets

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The aim of this study was determined whether individual films from unexpired and expired double packets present the same image quality in terms of radiographic density and contrast. An aluminium step wedge was radio graphed using 20 Agfa periapical double film packets. 10 of them unexpired and 10 used 5 years after the expiration date, maintained under refrigeration at 10°C.

Radiographic Density

Statistical analysis showed a significant difference in radiographic density (p<0.01) and contrast (p<0.05) between individual films from unexpired double packets, whereas the individual films of the expired packets did not differ. Compared the individual films without using the values of direct film exposure (zero) the difference in contrast between individual films was no longer present, but optic density was still significantly different (p<0.05) for the unexpired group. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, the results suggest there is a difference in quality of the radiographic image between the individual films of double packets when submitted to laboratory analysis.


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