Creating Awareness on Vision and Mission Statements among Employee of Ebonyi State University, Nigeria: A Discourse

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The research was carried out to investigate the place of awareness on vision and mission statements among employee of Ebonyi State University-Nigeria; focusing on the implementation and challenges facing the objectives of the cherished statements. A theoretical analysis was adopted to achieve the purpose of the study. The result of the findings indicates that employees in Ebonyi State University are not accustomed with vision and mission statements. The study recommends that the University principal Officers should engage in a campaign on the primary role of these statements and how each employee’s activity may help reposition the organization and achieve greater performance and motivate members concerned.

Vision and Mission

Vision and mission statements have been considered by both practitioner and professional alike as a vital instrument for strategic management process especially public and private organizations. It is assumed that a good vision and mission statements drives strategy and reposition organization motivate and infuse greater performance among employee. Similarly, significant number of universities in Nigeria have vision and mission statements which in order words maybe effective or dominant because the relevant stakeholders seems not to know or understand what the organization stands for both present and future. The situation as it may has created a gap and such need to be closed and create awareness among employee will go a long way to achieve the organizational goal, considering primary objective of the university like teaching, learning, and research and community development.


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