Synthesis of Alumina Fibre by Annealing Method using Coir Fibre

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Currently scientist are showing ardent attention in synthesizing composites from recycled waste specially by means of the natural environment-friendly fibres as reinforcing fillers and thermosetting polymers as matrix. Natural fibres play a vital role as fillers in the fabrication of composites. The use of these fibres is beneficial not only as biodegradable substance but also it affects the cost of composite and also boost life of the composites.

Synthesis of Alumina Fibre by Annealing Method using Coir Fibre

Natural fibres are being used as a reinforcing agent in place of synthetic fillers such as glass, aramid, talc, and silica; as they are having low density and they do not leave any by-product at the time of manufacture of composites as they are biodegradable in nature. Also, processing of these fibres can be done at low temperature and thus may play an essential role in energy consumption for the production of composites. Natural fibres has been used as reinforcing agent in polymer composites and becomes the point of attention and attraction among several researchers during last many years owing to their easy accessibility and biodegradable nature.


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