Determinants of Hotel’s Service Standard: Reputation and Relationship Orientation

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The Hotel industry of Pakistan is thriving for excellence in the arena of competitiveness. Management of hotels is striving hard to improve the service standard to satisfy the needs of customer and subsequently build and maintain long term relationship with them. This study endeavours to investigate the influence of the relationship orientation on “Reputation” and “Service standard” and the interrelation between “Reputation” and “Service standard”. Convenience sampling method was used.

hotels service

The data has been collected through survey questionnaires from 300 respondents. Statistical Package for the social sciences (SPSS) software was used to examine the hypothesized relationships in the research model. The findings revealed that the Relationship orientation and Mutual disclosure positively affect the hotel Reputation and Service standard, the hotel’s functional image perception; the hotel’s physical equipment, decor and environment; and the hotel’s response to customers, all are mutually related and emphasized in our variables that are significantly related to each other, therefore; they are useful for hotel management to achieve longterm growth in the hotel industry of Pakistan.


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