Drinking Coffee for Life Style and Maintenance Immune System

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Coffee is a beverage that has been consumed since time immemorial, or since the era ancestor. Coffee remains a favored beverage of the world community as well as society in Indonesia.

In the past many people considered that coffee was a drink that gave unfavorable effects for health. Over time and with more and more research in the world as well as in Indonesia, the coffee consumption is not a thing to worry about anymore, especially when consumed properly and according to the needs or not excessive.

Drinking Coffee

Now the coffee consumption has become a necessity and even become one of the modern society lifestyle choices. In Indonesia, even in the city of Semarang many established cafes to support the needs of coffee lovers. This indicates that the public is increasingly aware that coffee is not a beverage that gives bad effects on health on the contrary, coffee is a beverage that can provide good effect healthy for the body and mind and even soul.


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