Complications of 595 and 755 nm Lasers in Therapy of Small Hemangiomas

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Two different non-ablative lasers with wavelength radiation 755 nm and 595 nm were used for treatment of small hemangiomas up to 3 mm in diameter. Hemangioma is a mesenchymal benign tumor formed by blood vessels. Anomalies effect up to 10% of children and they are more common in females than in males.

journal of pigmentary disorders impact factor

Non-ablative lasers act on the principle of selective phototermolysis. Laser with the wavelength 755 nm is well-absorbed in deoxidated carboxyhemoglobin, blue blood color and melanin. It was long time known for its hair-removal capabilities and because of its melanin absorption coefficient levels. This laser is also excellent in treating a variety of pigmented lesions, including those resulting from excessive sun exposure. Laser with the wavelength 595 nm is selectively well-absorbed by red oxyhemoglobin, it can be very effectively used for treatment of small types of hemangiomas with minimum adverse effects [3-5]. This 595 nm radiation can be also used for scar reduction after burns, especially in children [6]; it provides vessel reduction in scars, resulting in smooth and rejuvenated colloid and hypertrophic effects. It can be used to treat other conditions such as: port-wine stain, face and leg teleangiectasis, acne, rosacea and warts.


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