Open Access and the Use of Games Theory in the Studies of Stock and Forex Trading

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By providing open access, journals published by the OMICS group, including the Journal of Stock & Forex Trading, facilitate fast and wide dissemination of new knowledge among researchers of different fields and disciplines. This is important and beneficial as research nowadays tends to cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. An example is the use of games theory in the studies of finance.

journal of stock forex trading impact factorSince the 1980s, there has been an increasing use of games theory in the field of finance, including stock and forex trading. The standard assumption of perfect competition was challenged. Analyses that take into account strategic interactions among players become more popular. These researches use games theory implicitly or explicitly. The use of games theory in the studies of finance brings many new insights. But it also means that finance specialists need to be familiar with a new field of knowledge. As specialists in the separate fields of finance and games theory might not be familiar with the recent advances of the other field, the fast and unhindered sharing of result outputs and exchanges of ideas between game theorists and financial specialists becomes very important.


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