Biomimetic Calcium Phosphate Coatings for Polymeric Artificial Spinal Disc Implants

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bioceramics development and applications impact factorDiscs of poly carbonate urethane (PCU) were coated with a thin layer of calcium phosphate (CaP) by a biomimetic process at temperatures of 28?C and 37?C. The coating morphology was analyzed by SEM. Contact angle analysis was used to assess surface wettability. Human osteoblasts (HOBs) were cultured on uncoated and CaP-coated PCU discs for up to 14 days. Cell metabolism, structure, and morphology were analyzed and compared with the wettability of each sample group. HOBs proliferated and grew on uncoated and CaP-coated samples, but a greater cell metabolism was observed for uncoated samples at early time points in cell culture. A more even dispersion of HOBs across the disc surface, attributable to the increased surface wettability, was seen for CaP-coated samples.

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