X-Ray Fluorescence and X-Ray Diffraction Analysis on Discrete Element Modeling of Nano Powder Metallurgy Processes in Optimal Container Design

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It was the invention of fire, which has given a new shape in the development of humankind. Use of fire to modify metallic structure assisted to have desired shape of raw metal. The necessity of metallic weapon secured the prehistoric life of ancient human. Relic evidence highlighted the fact that, the use of metalwork has an illustrious history, which started with Copper (9000 BC) then different other metals and alloys came into use.

powder metallurgy journal

With the innovative mind of human being, the use of metal was not limited only in weapon making; different utensils and shelter equipment also got the metallic touch. This feat made them a regional superpower for years to come. Thus, at step, the methodology of metallurgy underwent multiple refinements. Powder Metallurgy (PM) is one such refinement which is concerned with production of metals in their powder form and molding them into various shapes. This form of metallurgy was incorporated into the echelon of metallurgical techniques at around 3000 BC and has seen numerous advancements since then.


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