Effects of Skin Stretch Sensory Stimuli on Balance in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy

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Lower limb neuropathy is one of the most common neuropathic disorders that are associated with diabetes. Sensory neuropathy which is damage to the sensory nerve can produce numbness, irritation, and pain in the extremities. During normal standing, somatosensory inputs from the legs and feet contribute to postural stability. Peripheral neuropathy, contributing to decreased proprioception and increased reflex reaction time, has been implicated as a possible risk factor for falling. Balance, muscular strength, and endurance are very important factor in fall risk.

novel physiotherapies journal

In Subjects with loss of sensation associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy greater postural sway exhibition and a higher fall risk are presented. People with diabetic neuropathy have balance disorder even with open eyes and falling vulnerability is high among them as well. Proper postural control depends on the spatio-temporal integration of vestibular, vision and somatosensory information. Damage to each of the mentioned systems; increase the prevalence of falls in older age.


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