Can You Trust Your Doctor?

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When I was a teen I had an incredible Doctor. Incredible because he could balance the ash on the end of his cigarette until it was at least twice as long as the butt he kept constantly between his lips. He was one of life’s characters. He was a good doctor and I trusted him. It wasn’t until I entered the hair transplant Industry years later that my respect toward some of my ‘learned friends’ within my industry has diminished somewhat.

dermatology journals impact factorWho can blame me? (Mal)practice is rife in my industry!! They may well have named it after me! It’s my ‘pet’ subject. Nothing’s change. The hair transplant industry is as littered by misinformation and misrepresentation as it ever was. In fact, I find myself right in the middle of it!! Let me explain…. Many people choose to have an F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplants based on price. Their priority used to be the Clinic and the team’s experience but these days it’s predominantly the cost.


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