Professional Competencies and Organizational Modernity in Emerging Economies: A Comparative Study between Taiwan and Brazil

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By using the Professional Competencies Required scale and the Organizational Modernity Assessment Approach, the study presents a comparative analysis of empiric data surveys collected from professionals in emerging economies: Brazil and Taiwan. In methodological terms, the research can be characterized as quantitative, conducted by survey. After the data had been treated by means of multivariate and descriptive statistical techniques, it was possible to notice perceptions as regards the high degree of demand for the competencies assessed.

business management peer reviewed journalsThe findings show that Taiwan was the country in which professionals perceived the greatest demand for the set of professional competencies investigated (ICR=8.1), comparing to Brazil (ICR=7.7). We should mention Entrepreneurial Capacity (5.7) as a less-emphasized competence in Brazil, and in particular in Taiwan. In relation to organizational modernity, it was verified perceptions regarding the prevalence of decision-making processes that involve little participation, transparency and decentralization, as well as perceptions about the low degrees of autonomy given to the professionals targeted by this study.


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