Comparing Hamstring Muscle Length Measurements of the Traditional Active Knee Extension Test and a Functional Hamstring Flexibility Test

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Hamstring injuries are common and are responsible for 15% of rugby union injuries, 12-14% of soccer injuries, 16% of Australian Rules football injuries and 26% of track and field sprinting injuries. These injuries range between microscopic tears to a full rupture with loss of function. Hamstring injuries are associated with a high recurrence rate of 30% of Australian football injuries, 21% of rugby union injuries and 16% of soccer injuries.

hamstring strain journalFurthermore, hamstring injuries result in lengthy periods of absence from training and competition causing significant financial expenses to clubs. In 2009 approximately $1.5 million was spent on hamstring injuries in the Australian Football League (AFL), which equals 1.2% of the total salary cap of the AFL. Additionally, the prolonged absence and deconditioning these injuries cause can result in significantly reduced athletic performance on return to competition. A better understanding of hamstring injuries and their associated risk factors is needed to enhance the management of these injuries and reduce the negative impact they have on athletes and their clubs.


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