Pycnogenol: A Miracle Component in Reducing Ageing and Skin Disorders

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The world is becoming uninhabitable owing to wide globalization. A large number of industries are contributing in water, soil, air, and environment pollution. Increased use of chemicals and accidental chemical spills are also hampering their surroundings. CFC containing tools and technologies are increasing due to higher demand in the market resulting ozone layers are highly affected which make the UV free towards the earth. Several environmental toxins and UV-radiation are the primary reasons for skin dysfunctions as a result skin loses its tone, strength, flux, density, and glamour that further lead to wrinkles and aging. Chronic UV exposure may also lead to skin cancers.

ageing journals impact factorpycnogenol, On the other hand, has been a major source for both flavonols and polyphenols which is very potent against several diseases. Evidences suggest that pycnogenol prevents from multiple skin dysfunctions. Its components are equally potent against skin cancers as well. Moreover, several harmful downstream kinases and proteins are also inhibited by this component. In addition, it has been strongly proven beneficial in reducing ageing by preventing free radical generations, at the same time; it also helps in cell regeneration and replication. Thus, in this study we tried to identify the correlate possible molecular theories on ageing and related skin diseases. Finally, a possible benefit of pycnogenol using on skin disorders would be established.


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