Energy Demands and Metabolic Equivalents (METS) in U-19 Basketball Refereeing During Official Games

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The metabolic demands among U-19 basketball players were studied; however, physical and physiological demands of U-19 basketball refereeing during competition are rather scant. The aim of this study was to analyze the energy expenditure (EE) and the exercise intensity of basketball refereeing during official game and determined as Metabolic Equivalent (METs). Sixteen elite level basketball referees were studied during U-19 basketball games (n=8) for time motion analyses (TMA).

sports medicine journal articlesThe EE data were calculated, using specific equations, from the time spent by the referee in each exercise-intensity zone. During game, referees spent a mean EE of 504.4 ± 77.7 kcal. A significant difference was observed between 113.5 ± 18.2 kcal in the 1st quarter (Q1) and 137 ± 27.5 kcal in the Q4 (p=0.007). The averaged EE (~5 corresponded to “moderate energy intensity” (~5 METs) with a large contribution of the aerobic energy pathway.


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