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Feasibility of Strength-Balance Training Extended with Computer Game Dancing in Older People; Does it Affect Dual Task Costs of Walking?

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journal novel physiotherapies impact factorEven in the absence of overt pathology, motor functioning [cf. International Classification of Functioning (ICF) by the World Health Organisation, Geneva can deteriorate, as is illustrated by the incidence and impact of falls in aging populations. Falls are amongst the most common reasons for medical intervention in older people and their occurrence might initiate a vicious circle that causes fear of falling, nursing home admittance and loss of independence. Falls among older adult populations often occur during walking, and gait dysfunction is included among the many risk factors for falls.

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Normative Data on Hand Grip Strength

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Examination of hand strength is of great importance for identifying impairments, establishing goals, and determining the effectiveness of interventions for patients with hand or upper extremity injuries or disabilities. It is also important for any sport in which the hands are used for catching, throwing or lifting. Hand strength depends on a patient’s age, sex, and hand dominance.

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As hand strength varies depending on the measuring method and a patient’s position, reliable and valid evaluation of hand strength is necessary. It appears to be that grip and pinch strength measurements provide an objective index of the function of the hand. Jamar dynamometer and pinch gauge have been found to give the most accurate and acceptable measures of grip and pinch strength respectively. This measuring tools should be performed by having the patient’s in seated position with the shoulder adducted, not rotated to either side, and the elbow flexed to 90 degrees with the forearm and wrist in neutral position, as recommended by the American Society of Hand Therapist.