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Treatment of Posttraumatic Scar with Ablative Fractional Erbium: YAG Laser

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orofacial surgery impact factorScars following injuries are common and an important cause of concern to patients. They can be treated with various modalities including lasers. Recently, fractional lasers have emerged as an effective, safe modality in tackling this challenge. There are limited publications on the efficacy and safety of treatment of post trauma scars with fractional ablative laser. Here we are presenting a case of posttraumatic scar treated with fractional ablative erbium yag laser which showed significant improvement in colour, texture and overall appearance of the scar.

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Gorham’s Disease of a Mandible: A Case Report

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orofacial surgery impact factorGorham’s disease is a rare bone disorder characterized by massive and spontaneous osteolysis where the bone is destroyed by osteolysis and does not regenerate or repair. Instead, it is replaced by dense fibrous tissue with the eventual disappearance of the bone. This disease is also known as the Gorham-Stout disease, disappearing bone disease, vanishing bone disease or massive osteolysis.

In 1838, Jackson was the first to describe a different entity of multiple osteolysis in an 18-year-old male whose humerus slowly and completely resorbed following a fracture. Then, in 1954 it was reported by Gorham, and subsequently in the following year by Gorham and Stout who reviewed the first 24 cases and defined it as a specific pathologic entity.

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