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Group Yoga Therapy to Alter the Mood of Mentally Affected Adolescent Youth

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Strategies including medication, counseling, physiotherapy and relaxation techniques are used widely to address the physical and the mental needs of the adults suffering from mental illness.

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Little research has been taken up so far related to young adolescents in this regard. A study in this direction found ‘Group Yoga Therapy’ as a tool to motivate the mentally retarded young adolescents through energizing, relaxing, and balanced energizing intervention activities. The study found immediate impact on the mood states of youth with serious mental illness. The study recommends integrating group yoga therapy as a tool in the psychiatric treatment.

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Disability due to Neck Pain

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Neck pain is the complaint which can hurt anyone in the society at least once the life and may cause interruption of day to day activities. The intensity of pain varies from one individual to individual depending upon the cause from simple mechanical neck pain to discogenic pain. The aim of this study was to evaluate and identify the disability due to neck pain at first session of physical therapy.

physical therapy peer reviewed articles

The data has been collected from all the participants on neck disability index to prior to the physical therapy intervention to measure the level of disability due to neck pain. The result yield that the participants took consultation of physical therapist with moderate level of disability. Although the physical therapist can plan a good prognosis at moderate disability, there is still a lot work to do to avoid and treat the patient with neck pain prior to become disabled moderately.