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An Empirical Assessment of the Operational Efficiency of Electronic Banking: Evidence of Nigerian Banks

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This study assessed the operational efficiency of electronic banking in Nigeria with a focus on the twenty-one Commercial banks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange at the end of year 2010. It examined the practice of e-banking since its inception in Nigeria in order to determine the significance of its relationship with improvement in core banking operations.

public administration journalSecondary data were used for this study. Correlation technique as well as simple percentage were used to analyzed the data, and the student’s t-distribution was used to test the hypotheses. The study revealed that the practice of e-banking in Nigeria is significantly related to increased operational efficiency of Nigerian banks, though the security problem was found to exist. Based on these findings, the researchers recommend among others that government through CBN should provide adequate security measures towards the various e-banking products in Nigeria.


Conflict Management in Organization: Gender Perspective

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The word Conflict means to fight or to struggle for something. There are other variables that relate to conflict such as crisis which has an emotional and spontaneous aspect and has a duration that is not that Long.

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Dispute is another variable and it has a sense of quarrelsomeness. Litigations is also another variable which based on a question of interpretation aspects. A disagreement is contestation between two or more parties about opinions on respective interest. Conflict possesses all of the above mentioned attributes. For this the issue of conflict in organization is serious and every hand must be managed to help the organization to forge ahead.

Parochial Political Culture: The Bane of Nigeria Development

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Nigeria is a rich country whose economy has been mismanaged over the years. The excellent investment opportunities have been affected by unstable political atmosphere and threats to security of life and property (Abimboye, 2010:18).

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Nigeria has been crawling development wise when it should be running fast after her independence. President Jonathan saw the failure of leadership as the greatest obstacle to the desired growth-political and economic. This statement falls in line with the views of those Western European leaders of the 1930’s who believed that the economic system would be favourable if only earnest and God fearing men are in command of its destinies.

Leadership at the School Level: A Growing Global Concern

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Leadership is a process of social influence where a person is able to exert his/her support to other in accomplishing certain tasks. As the saying goes, leaders are not born but they are made over a period of time. Leadership in schools however remained a global concern and Jamaica is not an exception to it. Top leadership’s decisiveness plays a key role in grooming future leaders. It exhibits considerable influence on students learning abilities and  curriculum plays a special role in doing so.

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Art Bill Still Pending, When Will Surrogates Get Their Due Share in India?

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In the global medical markets, with the breakthrough in science and biotechnology, ‘Bodies’ and its ‘parts’ can be sold, purchased or even stolen. Around the world, with growing infertility, couples are moving across borders to bear their own biological child, using assisted and New Reproductive Technologies (NRT), culminating into what is called ‘reproductive tourism’ or ‘fertility tourism’.

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There are different perspectives to see the process of surrogacy, especially the gestational commercial, where the third person a ‘surrogate’ bears child/children, for nine months without any genetic relations, only to relinquish to the commissioning couple for a cost. Clearly there are strict laid down rules and regulations in many countries, where altruistic surrogacy is allowed but commercial surrogacy is completely banned and is illegal.

Benchmarking The World’s Leading Pension Funds: How Fares the Government Service Insurance System of the Philippines

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This practical research looks into the application by the government service insurance System (GSIS) of the Philippines of responsible investment strategies espoused in the delivery of social security benefits by the leading public pension funds in the world.


Two of these, namely the ABP (Stich ting Pensioenfonds) of The Netherlands and the California public employees’ retirement system (CalPERS) of the USA, are in focus here. This study was undertaken to highlight the performance of the GSIS Pension Fund as a business case and to evaluate the sustainability of the GSIS fund management practices vis-à-vis responsible investment strategies that have been espoused by the leading pension funds of the world.

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